Finally getting back around to doing more of what I love. Going to focus more on this idea of a zombie family having to survive among the living instead of the other way around. In this case, even zombies (I call him DeadChuck) have to go to work on Mondays, and we all know what that is like…

Kylo When?

Ever wonder why Anakin didn’t appear to Kylo as a “Force Ghost” and talk him out of things? Watch and understand, you will. This is my first attempt at adding speech synced to the major speech phonemes. It’s a little rough, and I don’t do celebrity voice impersonations well. Alec Guinness sounds a little less English, and more macho! Oh …

Sundays @ 10

In anticipation of tonight’s mid-season finale, here’s another episode of the dumb zombie family who doesn’t know they are dead.

Whale Gas

The other day my family and I were watching a documentary on ocean life. When the topic of whale songs came up, the announcer said the whales were singing to find a mate. I just think they have gas.

Super Stupid

Here’s another remake. I love this one. The sound effects make it. It’s 12 seconds… really trying to stay under 10, but it’s worth it.

Living Dead Plumbing

This is a longer animation (1 min) I made about zombies with plumbing problems. I have no idea why, but I like the characters and will probably do more with them soon.

Moai Fun

Here’s my first attempt to take still cartoon art and mildly animate it. Again, not going crazy with the animations. Just enough to pull it off. No words. 7 seconds or less. The top image (below) is the cartoon I drew a few years ago. Below that is the animated version.