#DeadChuck is a 2D motion comic. When I first started drawing him, I imagined him being sort of a stupid zombie in a world of the living. Kind of like a reverse version of The Walking Dead. Over time, I’ve shifted away from him being a zombie in the traditional sense, and exploring it more metaphorically: just a guy, going through life, waiting for things to liven up.

Initially, I created these videos using Adobe Animate (Flash), but I’ve recently switched over to Moho Anime Studio. Although I’ve been cartooning all my life, I’m a relative newbie at animation. It’s pretty evident if you go through these chronologically that I am learning on the job.

I don’t know if I simply enjoy his “screw it” disposition, or if there’s a deeper meaning behind this character with my namesake who is also toiling away in corporate America. Either way, I enjoy having him around.