Perfect Pitch

This was another quick one that’s been in my brain for a long time. This is actually how I imagine every creative pitch meeting goes. This was actually based on a joke concept I first sketched in May of 2017 (according to the file date)… below the video. It was originally going to be Krennick pitching the concept, and Tarkin …

Hands Up

I woke up one morning with this idea in my head. I guess it’s really just a Star Wars Dad Joke… but I hope someone finds it funny, because it was funny at 6:30 in the morning. I loved making the details in the Falcon cockpit. I re-used Chewy, Ben and Luke from other videos… and Han was just a …

Business Risks

Been working remote for a while due to COVID-19… fortunate that I can do my job remote, at least for now. But I got to wondering about that guy (or gal) in the office who always seems to be the last to know about things. What if he didn’t get the work remote memo? This probably deserved a transition to …

Rise of Skywalker Post-Credit

You probably missed this Rise of Skywalker post-credit scene. I’m not going to get drawn into the Internet flame war over this… it was a great flick and I enjoyed it. Hope you did too!

Between Two Fake Ferns

I entered an animation contest, and I was asking everyone who follows the page on Facebook to vote for me. And then it occurred to me: I’ve never really shown my face to them. How do they even know I am a real person? So I made this video for fun. My green-screen didn’t cover the chair I was sitting …

I’m Branching Out

Star Wars is awesome, but the MCU is worth exploring too. So I did this. Ever wondered what Red Skull did on Vormir before Thanos showed up? No? Then don’t watch this.

Getting Ahead

I haven’t been animating much lately. It’s a long story. I still love it, but… I don’t know, there is something else at play. But, I caught a bug tonight and put this together. This is part 2 in a series of “what if the movies were like the Kenner action figures?” Enjoy!

There’s a Pill for That

My childhood was defined by Star Wars, which meant my parents spent a pretty penny on Kenner action figures. Those toys captivated my imagination and provided endless hours of play. I would not change a thing. Except for this.

The Holidays Are Here

This is a new animated series I’m starting. The characters are a mash-up of previous cartoon projects including the holiday-oriented strip Feb 30th and Fitzpatrick the Rat. I’ll be posting 1-2 new episodes per month. I’m excited to explore how these characters interact…