Rise of Skywalker Post-Credit

You probably missed this Rise of Skywalker post-credit scene. I’m not going to get drawn into the Internet flame war over this… it was a great flick and I enjoyed it. Hope you did too!

Between Two Fake Ferns

I entered an animation contest, and I was asking everyone who follows the page on Facebook to vote for me. And then it occurred to me: I’ve never really shown my face to them. How do they even know I am a real person? So I made this video for fun. My green-screen didn’t cover the chair I was sitting …

I’m Branching Out

Star Wars is awesome, but the MCU is worth exploring too. So I did this. Ever wondered what Red Skull did on Vormir before Thanos showed up? No? Then don’t watch this.

Getting Ahead

I haven’t been animating much lately. It’s a long story. I still love it, but… I don’t know, there is something else at play. But, I caught a bug tonight and put this together. This is part 2 in a series of “what if the movies were like the Kenner action figures?” Enjoy!

There’s a Pill for That

My childhood was defined by Star Wars, which meant my parents spent a pretty penny on Kenner action figures. Those toys captivated my imagination and provided endless hours of play. I would not change a thing. Except for this.

The Holidays Are Here

This is a new animated series I’m starting. The characters are a mash-up of previous cartoon projects including the holiday-oriented strip Feb 30th and Fitzpatrick the Rat. I’ll be posting 1-2 new episodes per month. I’m excited to explore how these characters interact…

A Diminished Chord

I don’t know where this came from. Since making some better animation rigs, I’ve really been having fun with the Vader/Emperor/Krennic/Tarkin personalities. I like the idea that Vader is kind of goobish. And I wanted to see him play the guitar. I don’t play the guitar myself, so I had to look up the chord fingerings to keep it remotely …

Rebel Scrum

I don’t hate Agile… only when it is put on a pedestal as a panacea for all things project-management related. Then, in that case, yes I hate it. But a lot of things in corporate life are prime targets for ridicule, including my profession, Marketing. When branding gets positioned as the cure-all for a sales slump, ew that makes me …

Intergalactic Cravings

Got my first “you aren’t a real Star Wars fan if you like The Last Jedi” comment when I posted this on Facebook. Geesh with everything that divides this country today, do we have to add a fictional saga to the list? I won’t go into my defense of TLJ here… I can appreciate why it wasn’t everyone’s cup of …