Inktober 2017

I just found out about Inktober, and I think it’s cool. I’m excited to participate for the first time. I get the feeling Inktober was created more for comic artists instead of cartoonists, but what the hell. 31 days of drawing is 31 days of drawing, regardless. I’m gonna stick with what I know. So my challenge (to myself) is …

Eat Lead, Suckers!

I don’t know why I found this funny, but I did. Deal with it. See, it’s almost summer time, which means mosquitoes, so it’s time to break out the citronella oil, and that only means… Twiki torches. Whatever happened to that Buck Rogers remake anyway?  

Weekend at Ringling

Ringling College of Art and Design has been in my back yard for 47 years and I’ve never been there. Shame on me. I finally took the time to take some classes there, and it was amazing. Really helped me understand basic forms, gestures and scene composition. Feel in love with sketching again too! Here’s a few shots of from …

February 30

Continuing down this path of sharing strip concepts that never made it to the mainstream, I’m pleased to present February 30th: The Secret Life of Reluctant Holiday Heroes. And before you scroll down for the alleged laughs, a mea culpa: I committed a major cartoonist sin in this strip: I did not hand-letter the bubbles. I used a font. I …

My Personal Far Side

As a wanna-be cartoonist with repressed delusions of grandeur, yesterday’s trip back thru time was surprisingly therapeutic for me. It’s been years since I looked at those old Mac toons, and since I am mostly likely (still) the only person reading this blog, I’m starting another therapy session by posting a different comic strip I worked on. I don’t know …

So close and yet so far.

I’ve got another #DeadChuck coming out soon, but in the meantime, I’m taking a little trip back in time. It was the summer of 1992, and I was a recent college grad, hell-bent on becoming the next Berkeley Breathed or Jim Unger. The comic strip I developed was called J.D. Spam and the Rowdies, and the name is almost as …


After yesterday’s post, and today’s news in Europe, it’s time for something more uplifting. This was more relevant during Nipplegate, but still works! Enjoy!

A quick life hack

I haven’t had much time lately to work on animations. I have two started but haven’t been able to finish. So I thought I fill the void with some old-fashioned single-panel cartoons. I did this one quickly yesterday for work. We’re publishing life hack content on our blog, and this came to mind. It was a pretty quick draw, and …

Super Stupid

Here’s another remake. I love this one. The sound effects make it. It’s 12 seconds… really trying to stay under 10, but it’s worth it.

Moai Fun

Here’s my first attempt to take still cartoon art and mildly animate it. Again, not going crazy with the animations. Just enough to pull it off. No words. 7 seconds or less. The top image (below) is the cartoon I drew a few years ago. Below that is the animated version.