Night Moves

This happens pretty much every night at our house.

Working Stiff

My interpretation of what it feels like to go back to the office after a long holiday vacation. Or any weekend for that matter…

Wrap It Up

FINALLY was able to finish this. Took longer because I have been learning Moho Animation Studio instead of Adobe Animate (Flash). Still some kinks to work out, but the inverse kinematics is such an improvement from frame-by-frame animating and simple tweening in Animate. I’m not knocking Animate… it’s got some advantages too, but for where I want to take this …

Better Animation

So far I’ve been using Adobe Animate (formerly Flash) for everything. Animate is great, don’t get me wrong… but I’ve wanted to get into bone-based animation which that software doesn’t support. Enter Moho Studio. There’s other options (Harmony from Toon Boom is widely considered the best, based on what I researched). But I don’t work at Disney, and Moho fit …

Learn Animation

This is a testimonial video I did for the folks over at 2d Animation 101. I’m self-taught at this (like you can’t tell), and their courses helped me a lot. This is the first time I’ve tried to composite live action with animation, which was kinda fun!

Velociraptor App

One of the fun things about cartooning is working in some easter eggs. In the past I’ve used a picture of Vyvian from the Young Ones, for example. It may mean nothing to most people, but it’s fun for me. This one has several: Rush and Animal House, just to name a few. I think a velociraptor app would be …

Ice Capades

Ice machines are great whenever you need one or a million ice cubes.

No One Told Me

So… this is going to be an odd post because, honestly, all I really want to write is “here’s a funny video about a zombie using a bidet.” But blogging is a strange business, and you have to write posts that the search engines will like. So I am trying to follow the advice of the Yoast SEO plugin. It …

Hot Love

I’ve been married going on 18 years. Some guys write love songs or poems. I draw cynical cartoons. But the hell of it is… I would not trade this for anything. And this short post has zero SEO value, so what more can I say?