Velociraptor App

One of the fun things about cartooning is working in some easter eggs. In the past I’ve used a picture of Vyvian from the Young Ones, for example. It may mean nothing to most people, but it’s fun for me. This one has several: Rush and Animal House, just to name a few. I think a velociraptor app would be …

Ice Capades

Ice machines are great whenever you need one or a million ice cubes.

No One Told Me

So… this is going to be an odd post because, honestly, all I really want to write is “here’s a funny video about a zombie using a bidet.” But blogging is a strange business, and you have to write posts that the search engines will like. So I am trying to follow the advice of the Yoast SEO plugin. It …

Hot Love

I’ve been married going on 18 years. Some guys write love songs or poems. I draw cynical cartoons. But the hell of it is… I would not trade this for anything. And this short post has zero SEO value, so what more can I say?

Drive Thru Please

It’s a new year, which means it’s resolution time. This year, I resolved to be more patient, but as you can see, I blew it already. I made the mistake of going thru a drive thru, and got behind someone who doesn’t understand how drive thrus are supposed to work. On a side note, I think I’ve discovered a feature …

Home Insecurity

This isĀ  based on a true story. Someone broke into our home a while back (we have an alarm and security cameras now, so don’t get any ideas…). They didn’t take our TV, our wonderful guard dog, Odie, was loose in the house. Clearly adding value all over the place. And yet, whenever we run the vacuum cleaner, he goes …

All Washed Up

I understand the sanitary benefits, but I really hate automatic faucets and soap dispensers. I guess I don’t know how to wave right. And the towel dispensers that give you half-an-inch of paper are an entirely different story. Now we know why corporate productivity has dropped. If we could all just go back to manual faucets, that’d be great…

Ho Ho Holiday Lights

I put our Christmas lights away neatly every year. But just like extension cords, they spontaneously tangle whilst in storage.

Meeting Room Blues

Last year my company moved to new offices. It seems like conference room space is at a premium now, and I’m not convinced every one uses them for “real” meetings.

Holiday House Guests

I love the idea of a turkey coming back from the oven as a zombie turkey. And we all have those unexpected, slightly neurotic holiday house guests. I like this character. I’ve named him Mr. Giblets (borrowing from February 30th), and I am sure he will stick around.