February 30th

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Think you know your holidays? Think again. When they are not out and about on display in stores all over, they hang out at Spagmoss Hall… and they aren’t always what they seem.

The idea for February 30th came from a lot of weird places. My dad was born on Feb 28th, but he used to joke about being born on the 29th, and being 4 or 5 years old when he got married, etc. I thought the idea of a date that only came around every now and then was interesting, and what happens on that date when it’s not there? I know that’s a non-sensical question, but sometimes those are the best kind of questions.

Creatively, the show is a mash-up of pretty much everything I’ve done in my career: there’s the original Feb 30th comic strip, with a heavy dose of Fitzpatrick the Rat, Harvel and others (including a little DeadChuck). Most of these were attempts at cartoon syndication, which never happened. So I guess you can think of it as all of my failures in one convenient package. Viola! What’s old is new again.

February 30th operates on a lot of levels. Superficially, there’s a lot of fun to be had with the various interchange between these characters. They are all superstars in their own right — well-known, big personalities, etc. Putting them all together isn’t always peace and harmony. It’s fun to pit some of the characters against each other, like grumpy Chris Cringle vs. Three-Libby. Probably the most fun so far has been the Librarians… they were an unexpected addition late in the game, and I absolutely love them.

Speaking of Three-Libby, her character adds some depth to this little project. I named her Three-Libby (instead of just “Libby”) because of her split personality: conservative, centrist and liberal. Being generally liberal myself, I probably favor the liberal Libby more, but I try to be fair to all sides of her. I also think the interplay between an empirical, atheist Easter Bunny and the unlucky St. Patrick (essentially divinity vs. chance) will be an interesting place to explore.

And I think there are a number of incidental holidays to bring into the fold every now and then. I’ve got a few in mind already. But for now, I’m working to develop the core cast. Episode 1 is posted below, and #2 is in the works.