All Washed Up

I understand the sanitary benefits, but I really hate automatic faucets and soap dispensers. I guess I don’t know how to wave right. And the towel dispensers that give you half-an-inch of paper are an entirely different story. Now we know why corporate productivity has dropped. If we could all just go back to manual faucets, that’d be great…

Ho Ho Holiday Lights

I put our Christmas lights away neatly every year. But just like extension cords, they spontaneously tangle whilst in storage.

Meeting Room Blues

Last year my company moved to new offices. It seems like conference room space is at a premium now, and I’m not convinced every one uses them for “real” meetings.

Holiday House Guests

I love the idea of a turkey coming back from the oven as a zombie turkey. And we all have those unexpected, slightly neurotic holiday house guests. I like this character. I’ve named him Mr. Giblets (borrowing from February 30th), and I am sure he will stick around.

Help Wanted

So I’m kind of excited about joining Patreon. With limited traditional outlets available for creative types to publish their work, and all sorts of new technology that’s been developed, it’s nice to see a platform built to help people like me make a little income off of what we love to do: make people like you laugh. Patreon works kinda …

Performance Review

#DeadChuck gets his annual performance review on the same day as the office Halloween costume contest. This one didn’t end as strong as I wanted, but I’m still happy with it. Still trying to improve my phoneme work. Enjoy!  

February 30

Continuing down this path of sharing strip concepts that never made it to the mainstream, I’m pleased to present February 30th: The Secret Life of Reluctant Holiday Heroes. And before you scroll down for the alleged laughs, a mea culpa: I committed a major cartoonist sin in this strip: I did not hand-letter the bubbles. I used a font. I …

My Personal Far Side

As a wanna-be cartoonist with repressed delusions of grandeur, yesterday’s trip back thru time was surprisingly therapeutic for me. It’s been years since I looked at those old Mac toons, and since I am mostly likely (still) the only person reading this blog, I’m starting another therapy session by posting a different comic strip I worked on. I don’t know …

So close and yet so far.

I’ve got another #DeadChuck coming out soon, but in the meantime, I’m taking a little trip back in time. It was the summer of 1992, and I was a recent college grad, hell-bent on becoming the next Berkeley Breathed or Jim Unger. The comic strip I developed was called J.D. Spam and the Rowdies, and the name is almost as …


Finally getting back around to doing more of what I love. Going to focus more on this idea of a zombie family having to survive among the living instead of the other way around. In this case, even zombies (I call him DeadChuck) have to go to work on Mondays, and we all know what that is like…