Rebel Scrum

I don’t hate Agile… only when it is put on a pedestal as a panacea for all things project-management related. Then, in that case, yes I hate it. But a lot of things in corporate life are prime targets for ridicule, including my profession, Marketing. When branding gets positioned as the cure-all for a sales slump, ew that makes me hurl. So I’ve got a brand-bashing video up my sleeve too!

This was the first video made with my new rigs in Moho. I’m really liking the head turn movements, even tho I need to clean up a few things. General body turns are also looking good, but I’ve got some work to do on arm and hand rigs.

There was actually about another minute of content in this video originally. I worked for about 10 hours straight on parts of it, and then I was lying in bed thinking about how it just wasn’t working for me. The next morning I started hacking it to bits, tossing everything that didn’t move the joke along. I think it ended up better.

I noticed I am doing a lot of Star Wars stuff lately…


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