Seriously now…

I think I’ve been working on this animation for what seems like a LONG time now. But the more I learn about character rigging, the more work I want to put into building out fully-function rigs, so that the next time, for example, I want to do a gig with Darth Vader in it, the character model is already there, and I can get the joke out quicker. This means building out fingers, hand flips, side views, front views, etc… it takes a while. The joke I had for this one is probably very stale by now… but I’ll finish it if it kills me!

If you aren’t familiar with 2D character animation, the screen shots below give you a little glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work. You can see the “bones” in the Vader character… each one is moveable and linked to the one above it. As a guy who started out wanted to be a cartoonist in the Sunday papers, I’m really falling in love with simple 2D animation. Especially short-form animations, like 30-90 seconds. It’s a fun way to bring character to quick gags.


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