Digital Only

We’ll keep this real simple: I just need your name and email address, and of course the joke you want me to draw. Oh and the date you need it… that’s very important! Here’s what to expect:
  1. Describe the joke as best you can in the space below: who are the people, what’s the setting, etc.
  2. I’ll email you asap with any questions. If I have any doubt about my ability to meet your deadline, I let you know at this point. Sometimes I get swamped…
  3. You’ll get a rough sketch from me first… just pencil lines. Look it over and tell me if it’s good or what you’d like to see changed. You can email me pictures of people involved at this stage, and I will do my best to capture their likeness.
  4. Once I get your response, I will send you a PayPal link for 50% of the cost. When that payment is made, I’ll get started on finishing the art (inking and coloring).
  5. You’ll get a second proof next with a watermark and a PayPal link for the balance due. When that payment is made, I’ll send you the final art without the watermark.
And in case you are wondering, I don’t sell email addresses, and you keep all of the rights to the art beyond my ability to include it on this site as an example of what I do for others to see (your name won’t be mentioned). Let’s get started!
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One last thing… I do reserve the right to not draw something that’s in poor taste, promotes hate or other bad juju, etc. I have a pretty warped sense of humor, so don’t count me out on the edgy stuff. But there’s a line. Be excellent to each other!